The end

On June 17, 2015

Physicsfocus will no longer be publishing new posts.

We will, however, be looking at new ways of engaging the physics community online in the near future.

We’d like to thank all our contributors and readers for the past two-and-a-bit years, 120 posts and 790 comments. It’s been a pleasure.


About The Editor

Not just a blog, physicsfocus is a community for those passionate about physics. We host comment and analysis on a wide range of physics matters, from particles to policy, education to energy.

One Response to The end

  1. Chris,
    It’s been an absolute pleasure (and in some cases quite cathartic!)
    If there’s any way you think I might be able to help in your new ‘engagement’ processes please do let me know. I’ll be pleased to help if I can.
    Thank you for your painstaking editing of all my ramblings. All the very best.