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Grassroots initiatives are trying to improve gender balance at conferences

On April 30, 2014

The leaky pipeline that leaves women underrepresented in research is undisputed, with numerous studies highlighting the lower numbers of women working in certain fields. And statistics of conference speakers reveals another layer of inequality, where women are often underrepresented after gender imbalances in the field are accounted for, particularly in the case of invited speakers. […]

Can we do more to help academic parents?

On July 18, 2013

The youngest attendee at a conference on the ‘Regulation of Star Formation in Molecular Gas’ this June was Tomas, the one year old son of Annie Hughes, a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute in Astronomy, Heidelberg. Sitting at the back of the meeting room with his mother, Tomas attended many of the week’s […]

The numbers game: where are the women?

On July 3, 2013

This year’s Institute of Physics (IOP) awards  were announced a couple of days ago, a list of impressive individuals who have shown mastery of their subject. Heading the list was the Isaac Newton Medal awarded to John Pendry for his work on metamaterials, among other things, work loosely described as leading to an ‘invisibility cloak’ by […]