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Curiosity has achieved its goal – what’s next in the search for life on Mars?

On August 8, 2013

One year ago this week people around the world held their breaths as Nasa’s Curiosity rover began its landing sequence. The complicated sky crane, which lowered the rover from a tether before gently hovering closer and closer to the surface, worked. Curiosity reached Mars healthy, and we were all happy. Since landing, Curiosity has sent […]

If humans are going to live on Mars, we need to get to grips with space gardening

On July 9, 2013

Imagine Earth in the future. Do you think we’ll have flying cars, floating cities or colonies deep under the ocean? Science fiction often paints an almost magical vision of the future. But what if we think more realistically? By 2050 the UN predicts that Earth’s human population will have grown from 7.096 billion to between […]

Mars One mission could go horribly wrong — if it ever gets off the ground

On April 24, 2013

For the space-inclined, the week got off to an interesting start on Monday with a press conference from the team behind Mars One, the Dutch not-for-profit organisation that’s planning to broadcast the establishment of the first human settlement on Mars like a reality TV show. It was a fascinating conference, more for what the Mars […]