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Curiosity has achieved its goal – what’s next in the search for life on Mars?

On August 8, 2013

One year ago this week people around the world held their breaths as Nasa’s Curiosity rover began its landing sequence. The complicated sky crane, which lowered the rover from a tether before gently hovering closer and closer to the surface, worked. Curiosity reached Mars healthy, and we were all happy. Since landing, Curiosity has sent […]

Where will humans be in the future of spaceflight?

On April 10, 2013

Broadly speaking, spaceflight can be divided into two camps: manned missions and unmanned missions. And historically, both have been received very differently since we can relate to humans better than we can to robots. On the one hand are the Apollo manned Moon landings that riveted the world in the late 1960s and the more […]