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Higgs deserves his Nobel Prize – but there’s more to physics than the fairytale lone genius

On October 11, 2013

Everyone loves a fairytale. You might think that the 2013 physics Nobel prize is a fairytale too – two theoretical physicists predicting something unimaginably small and abstruse, that turns out not only to be the cornerstone of our modern understanding of particle physics but actually true and real too. With a wait of almost 50 […]

The irresistible rise of the Standard Model

On July 29, 2013

Physicists don’t take summer holidays. Instead, they go to summer conferences. This year’s conference, in Stockholm, made a splash with the announcement that two experiments at Cern’s Large Hadron Collider have made the first observation of an ultra-rare decay of the Bs meson (a particle composed oft a bottom quark and a strange antiquark). You […]

Anyone dedicated to curiosity, experimentation and evidence can call themselves a scientist

On July 4, 2013

“Oi, you’re a scientist, what’s all this I keep hearing about a Higgs or something?” I was asked this question countless times last July, in the wake of Cern’s announcement of the discovery of a Higgs boson a year ago today. Most of the time, I would offer a fairly clumsy explanation of the Standard Model […]