Still not in the World University Rankings Top 50? Five sure-fire routes to successful academic management

On May 22, 2015

Last time round I bemoaned the “inspirational leader” model of management that infests universities but promised that I’d be a little more constructive in my next post. In the meantime, this splendid piece on the mismanagement of universities (written by Rob Briner, a professor of organisational psychology at the University of Bath) appeared in the […]

Follow the leader?

On March 17, 2015

I very much hope that a meeting I attended last week at the University of Cambridge will prove to be a key moment, and a major catalyst, in accelerating change in academia. Delivering Equality: Women & Success was billed as a “summit of senior leaders progressing change in academia”, and, as Athene Donald discusses over […]

Problems can be opportunities to teach and learn

On March 13, 2015

I moved house just recently. It’s a lovely location with views over hills and moors. More specifically, in the distance, we have a panorama that is largely Dartmoor. Geologically, as you are most likely aware, we are talking a solid granite base, which occasionally erupts into the rugged and beautiful raised tors. So, somewhere under […]

Moving on – when it’s not your decision

On February 23, 2015

Science is one of the most adventurous careers one can choose. There are so many opportunities for changing your field of study that it allows you to live the dream – having a job that will never get you bored. People say artists and writers have unique features: they are creative, dreamers, always thinking outside […]

So long, Sid

On January 30, 2015

As we get older, one aspect of the festive season becomes increasingly evident, an issue that younger readers may not have considered. It concerns the Christmas cards that do not arrive. Or, alternatively, they do arrive, but with a short note sadly informing us of the demise of a loved one. This year we had […]

The true impact of ‘Pathways to Impact’

On January 13, 2015

The ESA’s Rosetta mission has achieved several firsts in the field of space exploration, but the one that has recently got people talking is the landing of the Philae probe on Comet 67A/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on 12 November. This is the first controlled touchdown on a comet nucleus, and it has captured public attention – even if […]